Best Water

The ultimate hydration toner for dry, dehydrated skin by 30 essential skin minerals

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“I was looking for an alcohol free toner and it was very hard to find one. This is one of the few alcohol free toner that’s also effective.“read more

What is Best Water?


BEST WATER is the mineral water for your skin

  • Rehydrates skin with 30 essential minerals, restores skin’s natural moisturizing factor (NMF) to prevent water loss
  • Makes your skin feels plump, supple and soft
  • This toner instantly calms down irritated, chapped skin
  • Alcohol-free
  • This toner speeds up healing from ACNE, pimples, burns, and scrapes

Why are minerals important for our skin?

  • minerals are essential to healthy skin function and cell repair
  • normally present in perspiration, minerals nourish the microbiome (skin flora) that is produced at the skin’s sebum layer, which holds moisture in and blocks dirt out
  • washing can remove these precious minerals, so the best thing you can do for your skin is to replace them directly
  • BEST WATER does just that, with a mineral complex that closely resembles nature’s own formula
  • when skin loses softness through the processes of aging, the pores harden and appear larger. BEST WATER counteracts this tension, restoring the skin’s youthful elasticity and allowing pores to shrink naturally. The result is a soft, hydrated and fine texture complexion

Featured Reviews

  1. Shiri P. (verified owner)

    It instantly calms my itchiness.

  2. Alison K. (verified owner)

    The promoter told me there is no alcohol so I bought it. Very hard to find organic alcohol-free toner that’s effective. It works great.

  3. Joey W. (verified owner)

    I like this toner because it has no alcohol. It doesn’t hurt my skin.

  4. May L. (verified owner)

    After moisturising with this toner I feel that my complexion improved.

  5. Jasmin L. (verified owner)

    This is very hydrating. I use it daily during the dry seasons and I feel my skin become more supple.

  6. Chan H. (verified owner)

    Each time my skin flares up I apply this water and it quickly calms down. I bring a small bottle with me when I travel to pacify my flare ups and insect bites.

  7. Hamidah A. (verified owner)

    My skin has redness because of acne problem many years ago. Sometimes it is painful. I started using their sensitive skin soap followed by this water and it is really calming. I see the redness finally lighten after these many years.

  8. Nada N. (verified owner)

    I was looking for an alcohol free toner and it was very hard to find one. This is one of the few alcohol free toner that’s also effective.

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How to Use Best Water?


Apply 2 pumps (approx 50 cent size) of BEST WATER on to your palm.
  • Apply 2 pumps (approx 50 cent size) of BEST WATER on to your palm.
Gently press your palms with BEST WATER onto your entire face.
  • Gently press your palms with BEST WATER onto your entire face. Please use pressing instead of padding, because pressing increases absorption.
  • Repeat this 2 – 3 times for further hydration

Which version of Best Water is suitable for you?

Best Water 50ml and Best Water 500ml are the regular versions.
Best Water Platinum Pt and Best Water Silver Ag are upgraded with :
Probiotics (Enterococcus Faecalis & Lactobacillus):
They are effective in repairing your skin barrier, keeping it moisturized, and reducing redness and acne.
Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil (Jojoba):
Jojoba oil is a great moisturizer because it is a humectant that attracts water to the top layer of your skin and keeps it hydrated. It is also antibacterial and contains vitamin E that has antioxidant properties. Vitamin E helps your skin fight against environmental pollutants.
Jojoba oil is non-irritant and hypoallergenic. It promotes collagen synthesis that helps keep a youthful appearance of your skin.
Cananga Odorata Flower Oil (Ylang-ylang):
Extracted from the star-shaped flowers of the tropical Ylang Ylang tree, Cananga Odorata Flower Oil promotes relaxation as you apply it to the skin.
Citrus Aurantium Oil (Bitter Orange Flower Oil):
This essential oil is good for overall skin health. It has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. It also increases the absorption of vitamin C and also helps to slow down signs of aging, fading off the dark spots caused by sun damage along with the wrinkles linked to free radical damage. It stimulates cell growth and cellular activity, which has a stimulating and regenerating effect on the skin.
Rose Flower Oil:
Rose oil promotes the texture of your skin and combats dryness. It is rich in vitamin A, C and proteins that keep your skin supple and moisturized.
Should I choose Platinum or Silver?
Choose Platinum if anti-aging is your main concern
Platinum is a powerful antioxidant for anti-aging. It is also the unique antioxidant that is resistant to being destroyed by the body’s immune cells. This prolongs its antioxidant effect. It slows skin aging, improves wrinkles, increases skin hydration and prevents sun damage. These corrections of aging signs lead to younger-looking and brighter skin.

Choose Silver for all other types of skin concerns

Ingredients of Best Water

Green Text: Certified Organic Ingredient

BEST WATER Silver Ag & BEST WATER Platinum Pt (with Probiotics)

  • Enterococcus Faecalis (Probiotics)
  • Lactobacillus (Probiotics)
  • Silver or Platinum
  • Water
  • Glycosyl Trehalose
  • Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil (Jojoba)
  • Cananga Odorata Flower Oil (Ylang-ylang)
  • Citrus Aurantium Oil (Orange)
  • Lithium, Boron, Sodium, Magnesium, Silicon, Phosphorus, Sulfur, Potassium, Calcium, Scandium, Titanium, Vanadium, Chromium, Manganese, Iron, Cobalt, Nickel, Copper, Zinc, Germanium, Selenium, Rubidium, Yttrium, Zirconium, Molybdenum, Rhodium, Iodine, Barium, Tungsten, Bismuth
    Rose Flower Oil
  • Raffinose
  • Hydrolyzed Yeast
  • Ascorbyl Glucoside
  • Hydrolyzed Hydrogenated Starch


  • Water
  • Silver
  • Lithium, Boron, Sodium, Magnesium, Silicon, Phosphorus, Sulfur, Potassium, Calcium, Scandium, Titanium, Vanadium, Chromium, Manganese, Iron, Cobalt, Nickel, Copper, Zinc, Germanium, Selenium, Rubidium, Yttrium, Zirconium, Molybdenum, Rhodium, Iodine, Barium, Tungsten, Bismuth

Additional Information about Best Water

You drink mineral water for its benefits, your skin needs to drink mineral water too! Best Water is the mineral water formulated precisely for your skin.


Specific minerals are needed for cell repair to speed up wound healing. Minerals improve skin’s hydration to keep dryness at bay. Minerals also increase skin’s elasticity to reduce the formation of wrinkles. Minerals even build up skin’s resistant barriers that protect you from external irritants.


Minerals are vital and imperative to the overall health of your skin, but you lose them continuously through sweat and natural discharge. You need to replenish them, and it is most effective to dissolve the minerals directly onto your skin.


We have chosen the perfect blend of 30 types of minerals in an encompassing solution for beautiful skin. They repair, strengthen, hydrate, nourish and protect your skin, keeping your skin young, bouncy and supple with a balanced texture and even tone. We pack these 30 types of minerals in high concentrations in our Best Water. On top of that, we’ve added Citrus Oil for additional Vitamin C, Ylang-Ylang and Jojoba Oil for moisturizing and calming. Our Best Water instantly cools your skin and pacifies any inflammation and irritation.


Our latest microbiome range is infused with a probiotic called Lactobacillus. Thanks to the probiotics, our best Water doubles in effectiveness in skin repair, calming and protecting. Finally, the 2 versions of Best Water each contain a precious metal, Silver and Platinum. Both are renowned for their anti-oxidizing, anti-bacterial and anti-aging effects. Our Best Water alone will satisfy all the water and mineral needs your skin has.


All of our products are made from premium quality Ecocert organic ingredients. There is no alcohol, preservatives or synthetic fragrance. You will become naturally beautiful in a natural way.


At BLACK PAINT, we have made a continuous effort to improve our products. Because of our dedication, we have achieved the 10th consecutive year of The Grand Gold Medal of Monde Selection Award in 2019. This award is a globally renowned award run by the International Institute for Quality Selections in Belgium, equivalent in difficulty to maintaining a 3-star Michelin accolade for 10 continuous years.

What is Human Microbiome?

The human microbiome found in Black Paint Microbiome range is human-derived bacteria Enterococcus faecalis bacterium, which is found in our human microflora.

It works by balancing our skin’s indigenous bacteria Staphylococcus epidermidis, a gram-positive bacterium, which then works on improving skin elasticity, moisture, and skin texture.

What is Microbiome?

There is a colony of microorganisms known as microbiome that resides on the surface of our skin and inside our body (mainly in our gut). These microorganisms, mainly consist of bacteria, are not visible to the naked eye.

What is important to you

Until the last decade, all bacteria is considered harmful and condemned as the cause of diseases. Sterilization has become the reflex response in mainstream healthcare or beauty industry.

But recently, many studies have shown that not all bacteria is bad. Many laboratories have embraced the contribution of good bacteria and we see a proliferation of good bacteria used as probiotics in food supplements and skincare.

To become healthy and beautiful, we must not mindlessly annihilate all bacteria, killing the good ones along with the bad.

Therefore, instead of sterilization, BLACK PAINT focuses on nourishing. Through carefully selected ingredients and blends, our products achieve a weighted balance of good bacteria against the bad. Furthermore, the latest  BLACK PAINT products upgrade is to include “lactobacillus”, a good bacteria, as probiotics to our skin.

What you get from BLACK PAINT Microbiome Skincare

  • BLACK PAINT uses nourishing instead of sterilizing.
  • We use nutritional organic plant oils, vital minerals and water to nourish your skin along with its good bacteria.
  • We do not use any sterilizer, surfactants, antiseptic agents, additives,  alcohol and synthetic fragrance.

As a result, your healthy good bacteria benefits you in

  • dampening inflammation (e.g. redness and sensitivity)
  • wound healing (e.g. ACNE)
  • acting as a physical barrier to environmental toxins and allergens (causes of irritation and dryness)
  • limiting exposure to UV radiation (causes of sunspot, pigmentation and pre-mature aging)
  • Minimizing oxidative damage by free radicals (causes of wrinkles and dullness)
  • Keeping the skin moist and plump

You will get good skin that is

  • Even in tone or colour
  • Even and smooth texture
  • Hydrated
  • Normal sensation (not sensitive)


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