Aging Skin

Wrinkles, Pigmentation, Dryness & Sagging Skin

What causes these common aging problems?

Wrinkles : Your skin loses collagen and elasticity.

Pigmentation : UV exposure and thinning skin results in dark spots and freckles.

Dryness : Your skin has insufficient natural oil making it dry and flaky.

Sagging : Your skin loses moisture and elastin to support its youthful bounce.

Thinning Skin & Spider Veins : Your skin loses proteins and thickness.

What is a good skincare routine for aging skin?

To return your skin to its youthful look, your skincare regimen must contain these components

  • Good Water & Quality Oil : they create your balanced complexion in which your skin is matte, plump and smooth.
  • Proteins : they build your collagen and cell structure to pull your skin firm and tight.Your skin is bouncy, free from wrinkles and sagging.
  • Minerals & Vitamins : the vital components to enable cell repair and healthy cell functioning to give you a radiant and glowing skin.
  • Probiotics : perform symbiosis with your skin, keeping your skin healthy and protecting it from external aggressions.

The below skincare regimen designed by BLACK PAINT carefully assembles these needed components to target your aging skin concern in a 4-step process



Cleansing your skin of dirt and grime prepares your skin to fully absorb the nourishing nutrients to be applied to it. For aging skin, we have prepared our soaps that:

  • are mild and gentle, but just strong enough to remove dirt without stripping away the natural oils of your delicate skin.
  • contain essential oils to nourish your skin
  • contain proteins like collagen and elastin to make the skin bouncy.
  • contain antioxidants for anti-aging.

For Dry, Wrinkled and Sagging Skin

WHITE PAINT SOAP is an all-natural whitening, collagen-rich face wash for wrinkles & dry skin

  • It has a high content of silk and pearl powder that are very rich in collagen
  • It also contains 30 potent botanical oils to nourish and hydrate dry skin
  • It leaves your skin plump and supple to reduce wrinkles and fine lines

For Pigmented Skin

KOICHA TEA SOAP is loaded with Catechin, the powerful antioxidant for effective anti-aging & pigmentation

  • It is made from premium Japanese green tea leaves - a rich source of Catechins and other antioxidants like Vitamin E that target your pigmentation.
  • It also contains a blend of 24 types of organic plant oils rich in Vitamin C and other nutrients to enhance complexion as well as nourish and hydrate your skin.



Toning after a soap wash makes your skin

  • shrink the now cleaned pores to look smoother
  • return to its natural pH5.5

For Large Pores

ROSE WATER is an alcohol free toner with “astringent” properties to shrink your pores

  • Rose water is termed the ‘liquid gold’, a prized beauty element famously loved by Cleopatra
  • Its anti-oxidative effect leads to anti-aging, and is what keeps Cleopatra’s youthful look.
  • It helps your skin to retain water, giving you a hydrated and plump appearance.

Why do most toners contain alcohol?

Manufacturers use alcohol because it is cheap but effective to help absorption of nutrients into the skin.

However, alcohol breaks the natural barrier of your skin. That causes dryness, redness, sensitivity and increases chances of acne and skin infections.

How to increase absorption without alcohol?

FACIAL PAPER is a mask to help better absorption of liquid skincare

  • It creates a vaporizing effect of liquid skincare to the skin, allowing nutrients to penetrate through the skin without destroying its moisture barrier
  • It reduces water evaporation and keeps the liquid skincare moist, to prolong the period of absorption

For Dry and Sensitive Skin

BEST WATER is the mineral water for your skin

  • It directly applies 30 essential minerals onto your skin to boost its vitality, improve healing and slow aging.
  • It strengthens your skin’s barrier and resistance to sensitivity and pacifies irritation from allergens.
  • It retains water, making your skin supple, firm and plump.



Nourishing is the most crucial step of all skincare regimens. The right product will help you to “Repair” what is damaged and “Rejuvenate” so that your skin is plump and bouncy, smooth in texture and soft to touch, not dry but with a balanced complexion, even-toned and wrinkle-free.

For Pigmentation

Our best seller GERMAN BLUE is a deeply nourishing and moisturizing serum for all aging concerns; wrinkles, pigmentation, dry skin and light scars.

  • Featuring Geranium Oil to boost blood flow and speed up the lightening of spots and healing of scars
  • It also contains 15 other premium essential oils where each has its unique benefits and is usually sold separately, but now combined into this best of the best all-in-one.
  • This serum sinks deep into the skin, replenishing the skin’s natural oils and supplying nutrients essential for cell repair and healthy growth

For Dry Skin and Wrinkles

OIL WATER is a light-weight essence that moisturises, regenerates and soothes the skin making it soft, supple, and radiant

  • Top oil layer: A blend of the most nourishing oils with Damask Rose Oil, Argan Oil, Olive Oil and 8 others that deeply moisturises dryness and lightens wrinkles.
  • Bottom water layer: Gives your skin an extra boost of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to make your skin firm and plump.

For Sagging Skin

ROSE HONEY serum is designed to firm sagging skin with 2 key components - Rose Honey and French-Maritime Pine Bark Extract

  • Rose Honey is a humectant that attracts and retains moisture. Locking water in your skin will enhance its suppleness, smooth out wrinkles and lift its sagging.
  • French-Maritime Pine Bark Extract stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen in your skin. They plump your skin inside out, pull it tight and flatten wrinkles.
  • Together with minerals and vitamins in honey, this serum strengthens the elasticity of your skin, returning its bounce.

For Thinning Skin and Spider Veins

OSTRICH BALM is the most potent recovery balm that heals thinning skin, spider veins and even deeply cracked skin

  • This balm is made with Ostrich Oil, which is very similar to human skin’s composition.
  • It easily dissolves into your skin, seamlessly replaces its thinned layers, rebuilds a healthy structure and thickness.
  • Your skin becomes firm with support, tight and plump. Your wrinkles will also be lightened.

For an All-Rounded Booster

PROBIOTICS FACIAL ESSENCE is an intensely concentrated probiotic essence to be applied directly to your skin

It gives you an overall boost in:

  • minimizing oxidative damage by free radicals which causes aging.
  • speeding up wound healing
  • dampening inflammation and sensitivity
  • retaining moisture
  • defending against external allergens and pollutants
  • limiting exposure to UV radiation



These external aggressions cause majority of the skin’s damage:

  • - UV rays
  • - Dust and pollutants
  • - Air-con
  • - Makeup-colouring

And it is imperative to insulate your delicate skin from them

For Sun Protection

UV radiation is the main cause of pigmentation and wrinkles. But, using chemical sunscreens containing harmful ingredients like Oxybenzone and Octinoxate that penetrate into your body causes more harm than good.

WATER UV CREAM uses UV reflecting ingredients that only sit on top of your skin surface to reflect away UV rays. On top of that, it:

  • Contains shea butter and 5 other organic plant oils with strong moisturizing power to fend off the heating damage from the sun.
  • Contains Antioxidative Green Tea that resists oxidative damage from UV rays.
  • Is water-based, non–greasy and has a matte finish for you to wear comfortably for the whole day.

For sealing skincare “in” & shutting pollutants “out”

Your skin needs insulation from dust, allergens and even makeup colouring. At the same time, you also want to keep nourishment and moisture locked inside your skin to maximise their effects.

WATER CREAM is a multitasking moisturizing cream that works as both a barrier cream and a makeup primer

  • It forms a protective but breathable cover to lock in the nutrients of skincare you applied.
  • Its keeps your skin moist for longer, especially important when you spend long hours in an air-con room.
  • It forms a veil to shield you from dust and pollutants.
  • The same veil also protects you from makeup colouring depositing into your skin which causes pigmentation.
  • It is also a makeup primer. It evens out your skin tone, gives your foundation a great bond and long-lasting finish.

To Look Young & Natural

Young skin is free from fine lines and pigmentation. To look beautiful naturally, you also need an even-toned complexion and matte finish.

ESTHÉ POWDER buries fine lines and pores without a trace. It also matches your skin colour seamlessly to conceal pigmentation, leaving you a flawless but natural look.

  • Its major components are premium silk and pearl powder. Ground into very fine powder, they sink into the smallest cracks, openings and unevenness in your skin. Being very close to human skin composition, they dissolve and are absorbed to form part of your skin, giving you a smooth surface and natural-looking even complexion
  • It uses tea leaves as the natural colouring, which adapts itself to your skin colour to seamlessly blend pigmentation into a natural and uniform tone.

Avoid Harmful Chemicals

Always check the ingredients list in your skincare products to make sure they don’t contain:

  • Alcohol
  • Parabens
  • SLS
  • Artificial scents and coloring
  • Emulsifiers
  • Preservatives

BLACK PAINT uses the power of Nature...

  • To enhance your beauty with natural and organic ingredients.
  • No more short-term results from chemical skincare!
  • Best quality ingredients from the best sources across the globe. We use:
    • - 100 types of premium plant oils
    • - 50 types of fine essential oils
    • - 30 types of minerals
  • Heal and recharge your skin making it healthy and allowing your skin's microbiome to flourish for long-lasting beauty.

You Can Trust BLACK PAINT!

BLACK PAINT was founded by Miyuki Maeda in 1998. Her life was turned upside-down when her baby daughter suffered from a gruelling skin condition. It was diagnosed incurable. Seeing her baby crying in itch and pain broke her heart.

Refusing to give up, she searched for a cure from modern science to traditional remedies, across affluent countries to undeveloped tribes. Her enormous effort not only rewarded her the knowledge to cure her daughter, but solutions to everyday skin concerns. Read our founder’s full story here.

Black Paint's Founder Mrs Maeda, who through her love for her child found cure to their ailments through nutritional discoveries

Because of our dedication, we have achieved the 11th consecutive year of The Grand Gold Medal of Monde Selection Award in 2024. This award is a globally renowned award run by the International Institute for Quality Selections in Belgium, equivalent in difficulty to maintaining a 3-star Michelin accolade for 11 continuous years.